General Price Guide

$60-$95 - Shohin with bases up to three inches in diameter.  Nice old bark.$95-$150 - Shohin and a little larger with four to six inch bases in diameter.  Nice old bark.$150-$250 - Four to six inch bases with one to one and a half inch trunks and eighteen to twenty-four inches tall.

$250-$375 - Six to eight inch bases.  Clumps with one inch trunks. Double and triple trunks up to one and a half inches.  Single trunks up to two inches.

$375-$400 - Six to eight inch bases, single trunks up to three and a half inches.

$400-$600 - Eight to twelve inch bases.  Single and double trunks up to four inches and clumps with trunks up to a couple of inches.

Inquire - Large material, up to twenty inch bases.