Trees for sale

Mendocino Coast Bonsai specializes in Redwoods, Sierra Junipers, Mendocino Pygmy Cypress and Live Oak. With over 600 trees in stock at any given time we find it more helpful for interested clients to contact us and we’ll send you photos and pricing of trees that suit your specific interest.

Samples of our stock can be found in the inventory images below.

We also bring e a large selection of stock to the many bonsai conventions and shows we vendor at throughout the year.  Visit our show schedule for dates and locations.

Sierra Juniper

Sample stock. Please contact us if interested and we will forward specific photos and pricing to suit your needs.



Sample stock. We have a good selection of small and medium redwoods ready for shipping.  Contact me, and I can send you pictures of specific trees.


Mendocino Pygmy Cypress

Sample stock. I  collected quite a few Mendocino Pygmy Cypress this past winter. Contact me the end of summer or fall for availability.


Live Oak

Sample stock. Samples of Live Oaks that I collect.  At one point they are cut down along logging roads and sprout new growth.  The bases that you see were below the soil level when I collected them.  If you cut back on the foliage, they will push new buds vigorously​. Contact me, and I can send you pictures of specific trees.

Chinese Elms

Sample stock. Chinese Elms with 1 – 1.75″ bases. $70 – 80. Contact me for more photos and details. 

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Bonsai on display created from Mendocino Coast Bonsai stock.